Wednesday, November 24, 2021

 I haven't posted in a long time mostly because there is not much to show when I am in the middle of a project. Right now I am making a queen sized Whig Rose quilt with a twisted rope swag border (think Rose Kretsinger). I have gotten it to the quilting stage so it is covered with blue lines and loose threads. The colors are not traditional which would be more red, green, and yellow against white. My quilt is white but the applique colors are cobalt, emerald, and bright yellow with accents of orange. It's a "pretty" quilt rather than a complicated quilt.

This photo shows the top before it was even sewn together but it does give a good idea of what the finished quilt will be. The fabrics look like solids but only the green and the white are plain with no patterns.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

 I finished binding the new project fairly late last night--late by my standards--so couldn't get a picture until this morning. It isn't quite done as it still needs a hanging sleeve and label as well as a soaking to remove the last of the blue ink. My husband really likes the dramatic colors and he was also quite impressed with the precision of the hand piecing. Of course I would not have gotten that right without the plastic templates from Marti Mitchell.

The pattern is typically called sunburst but it has other names as well.

Monday, August 9, 2021

 I am binding my new project today but I won't finish that until tomorrow. I hope to have some photos tomorrow but as with many things it will depend on what else happens. It is going to be hot as blazes tomorrow with high humidity again so staying inside and sewing seems like a plan but I did a research paper on Robert Burns years ago so I for sure know that plans "... gang aft agley." Funny story--my husband and I went to the Burns museum when we were in Scotland and I noticed that one of the didactic cards of a display had a major misspelling. This wasn't just a case of the difference between UK use and US use so I told the museum curator.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

 In the spirit of fairness and equity, Katie Coyne-McCoy's tweet about Lindsay Graham was also in bad taste. You can decide for yourself whether hoping someone dies of Covid19 is worse than Kevin McCarthy's promising to pound Pelosi on the head with an oversized gavel. Neither of these people should be applauded for their appalling statements. I am an outspoken person with very strong opinions but I do not wish physical harm or death to anyone who opposes me. I support engagement and voting. If you cannot behave yourself in public, you should not be in public in any form.

Monday, August 2, 2021

 My husband and I have taken down two trees since we moved here. One had green ash borers and was dying and the other was an old blue spruce that had gotten very tall and scraggly. We had a flower bed installed where the blue spruce had been and then across about 20 feet of our front lawn. It has grown in and matured nicely already and even strangers compliment us. The shadow obscures some of the plants but the general idea is still shown.



Sunday, August 1, 2021

 Okay, I know that most people who read any of these blogs are female so I want to know what any of you think of Kevin McCarthy's quip from yesterday:

"I want you to watch Nancy Pelosi hand me that gavel. It will be hard not to hit her with it," McCarthy said in audio posted."

What do you think about this guy as Speaker of the House? I don't care what you think about his politics but how do you defend a man who wants to beat a woman, an 81 year old woman, with a gavel? Do you think it is funny to joke about beating women for any reason let alone for some sort of political advantage? Does it matter that he was joking or is that unacceptable in any way shape or form? If it garners votes for him it says far more about his voting base than it does about Pelosi. Add to that the threats that audio captured during the January 6 insurrection attempt and this "joke" is even more of a threat than it would have been at any other time. Too bad Baptist McCarthy is a "souper". If you don't know what that means you should look it up.

Violence against women is neither funny nor something to joke about. Violence is not a laughing matter at any time.When I lived in California, I had multiple opportunities over the 9 years to vote for Pelosi and Boxer but I never did. Neither would I ever joke about beating someone with a wooden hammer.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

 So I did order more goods from Missouri Star Quilt Company to finish the gift certificate my friend had purchased because they told her they could not return any of her money, even the unused portion, unless I returned everything and more. Guess what--the same bad service happened. It actually got worse in some ways although overall the service was identical. They told me my order had been "fulfilled" but as it turns out that only means they have determined that they have the goods in store not that anything else had happened.

That alone took them four days. Then another week passed where nothing at all happened because fulfilled does not mean that the goods are on their way. Then my order was finally packaged and given to whatever FedEx service this crappy company uses. Don't get your hopes up when you get that email because Missouri Star uses the least efficient of the multiple levels of service that FedEx provides. So three days later FedEx acknowledges receipt of the package but again nothing happens for days. Just because FedEx has it doesn't mean that FedEx ships it. FedEx has different levels of service depending on what the company requires or asks. I know that because my husband worked for a company that shipped goods all the time and as the old saying says, "You get what you pay for."

Since MSQC does not require speedy delivery my package meandered across the US but I still got a notice that delivery was scheduled for this past Wednesday. From past experience I knew not to get my hopes up and sure enough I did not receive the package nor did I receive any information from either FedEx or MSQC. Then nothing for four days until today when Missouri Star had the effrontery to tell me that my package was out for delivery. Why do I say that message involved effrontery? The email said, "Your package is out for delivery; scheduled delivery Wednesday, July 27." Today is not 7/27. 

I am glad that I have used up all of the gift certificate. I never will even look at MSQC's site again. Their fabric isn't interesting, their prices are very high, and the colors on their site are not true to the colors of the fabric received. One of the fabrics I picked this time was described as a soft yellow but I can promise that it is brown. It doesn't even approximate yellow.

Be warned.


Be warned also about Trump. He still claims chicanery but the only chicanery came from him and his minions. When the DoJ transcripts showed that he had told the Attorney General to help in overturning the free and fair election of 2020, he shot back that he was only trying to protect the US ( That was just today, 7/31. If you believe that, you probably haven't gotten vaccinated and are putting the rest of us  at risk because you follow a moronic megalomaniac with serious mental issues and multiple pending criminal cases. Bless your hearts, you Trumpettes. If you want to live in a Trump land I suggest Wyoming or North Dakota.