Friday, February 14, 2020

Another Gift Quilt Finished

For the last couple of months I have been working on a quilt for the man who was the overall project manager for our remodel. I finished it yesterday, having spent most of Wednesday (7am to 1:30pm) in the waiting room of a surgical center while my husband got his arthritic thumb repaired. He had the same surgery on his left hand a few years back and decided it was time to get the right one fixed before he got any older. He is right-handed so this one has a bigger impact for most of his activities. So I sewed my binding on the outside edge while listening to inane morning tv.

 It looks uneven but I promise that it isn't. This fellow and his wife live in an old farmhouse and like blue and white. Sixty four different blue fabrics and three different whites make this a scrap quilt but that pretty much fits the farmhouse vibe. The project came in ahead of time and under the projected budget while also avoiding any major issues so he was a good manager. Plus I need excuses to make quilts. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


My husband and I are both children of Bronze Star recipients for their actions in the PTO (Pacific Theater of Operation) during WWII. While it may not be immediately obvious, we are also children of the American dream from families who chose to come to the United States because we were a beacon of not just hope, but of the true rule of law. My forebears came from various places in Europe and from various religious traditions but they came to this country because they had an idea that their stature would be equal even if their income or education wasn't. So my Irish Catholic and Jewish ancestors expected that the USA would be less prejudiced and less preferential than what they left behind.

My husband's family was more diverse in ethnic origin even though they were less diverse religiously. The earliest of his ancestors on this continent helped found Mendon, Massachusetts long before the American revolution but his grandfather and his mother were both born in Japan. So my husband's American roots are older than mine even though he is the one who gets classified as Asian.

Why does this make both of us feel discombobulated? Today the DOJ upended the recommendation of the prosecutors in the Roger Stone sentencing phase. The prosecutors had recommended that Stone receive a 7 to 9 year sentence for his felony conviction on multiple counts ranging from witness intimidation to perjury and extending to other nefarious conduct. Stone was found guilty on all counts by a jury of his peers. He had threatened the judge, he had defied orders of the court and that was on top of the actual charges.

But Trump tweeted that this was so unfair because there weren't any Democrats charged or convicted. So after the prosecutorial sentencing recommendation, the DoJ rescinded that recommendation and claimed that they weren't influenced by Trump's tweets. If you believe that then you should be completely happy that all four of the prosecutors from the Stone trial resigned their positions after the DoJ announcement.

If you don't believe that, you too should be discombobulated. What country is this? How did we end up as a banana republic? With all of the departures from the norm that Trump has taken, today's was the emblem of his disregard for the rule of law, the essence of justice, the point of the US.

I weep for my country, I despair for my country.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Even More Info About Small Quilt

Recently I was unpacking some of my quilting books when I came across one I hadn't looked at in a while. It ended up having a whole bunch of information about some of the quilters who made the blocks that ended up in my small quilt top (please see entry fro 10/5/19). Seems they were all part of a group who participated in a series of seminars put on at the University of Utah by Sandi Fox. So that sort of explains the level of expertise in the sewing on these blocks because even though I never took any of the seminars, I was very aware of Sandi Fox as an established expert both in the construction of quilts and in the history of quilts.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Gift Quilt Finished

This is my first king sized quilt. It is a gift for the adult son of someone I knew in Utah who said he liked red. I gave him a few options for a "red" quilt and he picked an Amish style. Obviously most Amish quilts were not for king-sized beds so I had to sort of make up my own way to make the quilt bigger that didn't just involve yards more black fabric. And I do admit to omitting some of the quilting that normally covers the background--it is after all for someone I have only met once and that quite briefly. So there is some sagging in the unquilted areas but since this guy thinks thread is called yarn it seems unlikely that he will realize my error.

Happy New Year everyone.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Some People Never Learn

Despite having more than 200 lawsuits under his belt, or these days under the belly that falls over the belt, Trump is still insisting that he isn't getting due process, his 6th amendment guarantees, or protections from his legal team in the newly opened impeachment hearings. Simply another example of Trump's ignorance regarding the law and/or the Constitution. The 6th amendment applies to criminal proceedings. If Trump had shot someone on 5th Avenue, the 6th amendment would apply, but an impeachment proceeding is not a criminal investigation so all of those due process or confront your accuser ideas aren't relevant in this case.

I think it would be great if Trump would come and testify because that would be the spectacle of all spectacles but that would be the only way he could expect any sort of due process--in that he would have to adhere to the same process as all other witnesses. But since the White House has barred a dozen people from testifying and blocked access to many dozens of pages of information, it is unlikely that Trump will provide any personal insight into the facts of the investigation.

Do I want Trump to be impeached? I would much rather he were voted out of office by a thinking majority of American voters. Since these days that seems questionable, I choose impeachment.

And, what the hell is Hillary Clinton doing saying she still wants to be elected? I certainly won't say that I would vote for Trump over Hillary but they are both barf bags as far as I am concerned.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


The old definition of chutzpah was the guy who killed his parents and then threw himself on the mercy of the court because he was an orphan. Under Trump, chutzpah emerges in multiple guises. There is Trump insisting that the transcript of his phone call was perfect and complete even though the transcript released specifies that it is not complete. There is Eric Trump who said that neither he nor any of his siblings would dare to do what Hunter Biden did--I mean trade on his father's fame and position? There is Don Jr. not only speaking out incoherently but getting an incoherent book published about the unfair treatment and bad behavior his family has endured while at the same time repeating the unfair behavior and bad treatment that they do on a daily basis to others. There is the entire draft dodging military service shirking crew calling a decorated veteran, a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, names that offend the senses let alone offend the truth and calling another decorated officer, first in his class at West Point, a traitor. So chutzpah, meet Trumps.

Please understand the facts. There was a quid pro quo but there does not need to have been for what Trump did to instigate investigation and impeachment inquiries. The WH lawyers and the defenders of Trump on the Republican side of the aisle are entirely wrong in their understanding of what the Constitution describes and in what they demand. The Republicans are hoist on their own petard over the closed door testimony as they wrote those specific rules when they controlled business. There is no honor within that group whatsoever. Let's face it: anyone who depends on Gaetz to be the face of their resistance has a very thin bench.

As it stands right now, there is a reasonable chance that Mike Pence will be impeached as well. His sycophantic brown nosing of Trump led him to engage in the whole nonsense involving Ukraine. So if what Trump did was an offense, Pence is also guilty 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

At Least Some Things Are Looking Up

Our remodel is still moving along steadily and ahead of schedule. This week and next week are major working days for plumbers, electricians, painters, and finish carpentry. Yesterday and today the tile guy was working in the kitchen. As I have written before, one side of the kitchen is the true cooking area. When complete it will have three full ovens, two gas and one electric; a microwave oven; a refrigerator; large sink with accessories, the sink comes with a cutting board, a sieve basket, a container, and a rack and all of those accoutrements sit on the inside of the sink as needed. That's the side of the kitchen that is getting the tile backsplash with the quilting motifs.

 The diamond in a square tile is centered over where the 48 inch Wolf range will stand. The four square blocks go around the room although the colors are hard to discern in the corner photo. The other side of the room has the blue cabinets so the blue mimics that and Wolf ranges come with red handles on the front so the wine color tiles sort of mimic that although they are darker red. Our small eating area will have a square top pedestal table in worn wood finish with four leather chairs around it, two blue and two the same green as the field tiles. One wall has the blue cabinets and the opposite wall where there is no window will have an enormous English fiddle front dresser in worn wood and worn black paint.

My husband and I won't be tripping over each other here and in addition to all of these cabinets, there is a full walk in pantry that's about 10 by 10 with shelves on three of the four walls so lots of space for canned goods, dry goods, potatoes and onions, etc. I have not decided yet if we will have a wine chiller in there since I don't drink a great deal of wine but there is a plug outlet so I can set up some of my electronic kitchen devices in there if I need to.